Website Management Services

Having a website is key for most businesses today, so it's important to have a management system in place to maximise enquiries and sales.

The role of a website manager includes tracking the site is online, security and performance - key issues that will affect the profitability of a site.

You may have your own resources or you may wish to employ the services of a company who can provide you with a web manager - either way - it is in the interests of the business to have someone in place.

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Duties of a Website Manager

A website manager should oversee:

  • website hosting
  • online security
  • maintenance
  • updates
  • performance, including web traffic and conversions
  • improvements
  • innovations

A good web manager drives the performance of a website forward and produces regular income.

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Hire a Web Manager

We work for clients across the UK and can meet up with you on a regular basis if you wish.


1-40 hours per month: £35 per hour, plus travel expenses

Ideal for clients who want a website checked each month against agreed 'to do' list where face to face meetings are rarely required.

41+ hours per month: £30 per hour, plus travel expenses

Ideal for clients who require a part or full time web manager with daily or weekly responsibilities.

Get a quote

We work for website owners of all shapes and sizes, so please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation. On principle, we will not take clients on if it's not financially viable to do so - we genuinely want to realise great results for you.